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SponsorPitch is the leading online platform for the $50 billion sponsorship industry. Powered by the world's largest online sponsorship database, SponsorPitch speeds up the process of making data-driven sponsorship connections by providing an on demand, always updating, self-service research platform.

SponsorPitch data comes from the contributions of its members; publicly available resources such as press releases, websites and social media; and select industry-leading data partners.

SponsorPitch is headquartered in New York City, and founded by sponsorship industry veterans, to make the sponsorship process more transparent and quality sponsorship research more universally accessible. How are we doing so far?

Sponsorship decision makers at Fortune 500 companies from every major sponsorship category have joined SponsorPitch. This allows them to moderate information about their brand, streamline communication with sponsorship sellers, access real-time competitive and category intelligence, explore new sponsorship opportunities, find new agencies, keep up with industry happenings, grow their professional network and keep an eye on new job openings; among quite a few other things. By joining SponsorPitch, decision makers can also control how members connect with them, reduce sponsorship spam and generate better ideas for the brands their marketing.

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Members may cancel at anytime, however once a payment has been submitted SponsorPitch does not offer refunds.

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SponsorPitch is a platform, not an agency. SponsorPitch does not make decisions for, represent or endorse sponsors.

Yes, but first make sure it's not already on SponsorPitch. If it is, find it and click the "Work Here?" button. If not, create a new property page in about 2 minutes. Having a property page on SponsorPitch not only lets you promote your property, but also allows our system to start generating algorithmic leads, alerts and insights about which sponsors are the best fit for your property. Create a property page at

Start at Start by using the filters at the top of the page to run a filtered search that will present you with targeted sales leads at the bottom of the page. Click through to a sponsor page. On each sponsor page, you can research the sponsor's business overview, key people, submission guidelines, analytics, key markets, deal history, agencies and tips to ensure the sponsor is a good fit for your opportunity. To submit a pitch, click the People tab and connect with decision makers.

First, find and affiliate yourself with your employer's sponsor page if one has already been created. If not, create a new sponsor page in about 2 minutes at Having a sponsor page on SponsorPitch not only lets the community know you're looking for new sponsorship ideas, but also allows you to educate sellers on your company's sponsorship preferences all in one place. You can then link to and refer sponsorship sellers there so you don't have to keep repeating your needs. In addition, once you have a sponsor page, you'll be able to start accessing recommendations, alerts and competitive insights.

Start at Subscribers may run filtered searches to find targeted sponsorship opportunities. Each property page provides an overview of the sponsorship opportunity, deal history, demographics, locations, key people, analytics and additional research about the property. To get a customized sponsorship pitch, click the People tab and connect with decision makers.

SponsorPitch offers three types of subscription plans: Prospector, Professional and Agency. Prospector is great for helping you discover and research potential partners, while Professional gives you proprietary data analysis and real-time targeted intelligence so you can get smarter about your very best sponsorship leads. Agency provides teams with all of the benefits of professional plus the ability to seamlessly export and download sponsorship information on SponsorPitch. For more details, please visit

You can only add an affiliation for a sponsor, property or agency that you currently work at. After having your request approved, you will gain access to tools that let you update and edit information on the page. In addition, you will gain access to proprietary information about your organization in the company feed. Multiple colleagues are encouraged to simultaneously manage their organization's page.

Great question! SponsorPitch lets you build follow people and companies in one list so you can see the updates for just the things you're interested in. Say you're looking for a new auto sponsor, you may want to start following the auto category. Once you're following, you can subscribe to email alerts. For instance, if you're following General Motors you may ask to be notified any time another auto brand signs a sponsorship deal. Finally, you can keep notes on any company you're following so it's easy to remember where your last conversation left off and you have documentation of all your conversations with prospects.

When a page is edited company representatives, it will feature a green badge next to its company logo.

You may adjust your contact settings at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email or by logging in and going to the Account Information page.

Subscriptions automatically renew using the information you supplied to SponsorPitch's trusted payment processor, Should you wish to cancel your subscription, please see the next FAQ for instructions.

SponsorPitch will automatically renew your subscription until cancelled, according to the subscription cycle that you have chosen. You may cancel your subscription at any time by contacting [email protected]. When cancelled, your subscription plan will not be charged again though you will still have access for the remainder of your subscription period.

You may delete your account on your Account Information page. Please be sure to cancel any subscriptions prior to deleting your account.

There are a few things you can do to ensure that you do not receive a security notification when attempting to log-in to your SponsorPitch account. First and foremost, never share your account credentials with anyone else. Secondly, if you're accessing SponsorPitch from more than one device (i.e. phone and computer), you'll want to Sign Out at the end of each usage session. Finally, if you feel your account security has been compromised you can update your password at any time at

A property is an organization that is seeking sponsors. Examples of a property include sports teams, leagues, venues, music tours, fashion shows, fairs, festivals, parades, films, causes, parks, museums and municipal properties. To find and or add properties to the database, visit

A sponsor is a corporate entity that sponsors properties, usually by providing financial consideration, or products and services, in exchange for a series of benefits provided by the property. To find and add sponsors to the database, visit

Rule #1 of SponsorPitch: pitch with plenty of lead time. According to a recent poll, 63% of SponsorPitch members are actively pitching for more than 6 months out of the year. Now, we can’t say for sure that you won’t make valuable connections within a week or two of your event, but we can say for sure that your odds improve the farther in advance you start. SponsorPitch makes this possible by providing tools to monitor and mine for your best leads throughout the year.

Member profiles are profiles that are actively managed by other SponsorPitch members. Communication via the message button shown on these profiles goes directly to the user's SponsorPitch inbox. Depending on the user's contact settings, they are most likely notified by email when receiving a new message. Contact profiles, on the other hand, provide contact and social networking information for an industry decision maker who is not yet a member.

Cold calls are a thing of the past. These days, it's all about building trust even before the initial sales conversation. Information is one way to do that. SponsorPitch lets you quickly research companies so the person you're looking to connect with likely think you've done hours of homework on their company, when in fact SponsorPitch allowed you to do the equivalent level of research in minutes. Social networks are another great way to build trusting relationships before the sales call. Most contact profiles include social network links, where you can really get to know decision makers before making your pitch.

Highly customized pitches usually generate more interest from sponsors. While SponsorPitch members often use the platform to research hundreds of sponsors, we have found that the most successful sellers typically only actually reach out to a few highly qualified sponsors with a customized idea that is rooted in research and submitted through multiple communication channels including direct outreach to decision makers (found on the People tab) and contact with the sponsor's agency (found on the Agencies tab).

To update your credit card on file and ensure your subscription renews properly, log-in and go to On this page, you will see a Change Payment Method link. Click this link which will take you to the page where you can enter a new form of payment.