Nov 07, 2013 at 04:50 PM
written by Staff

3 Stats From This Week That Say It's A Great Time To Be Selling Music Deals

There's been a plethora of data out this week that point to an increasing appetite for music sponsorships. Here's three recent stats that make the case...

1. Fifty-one percent of U.S. consumers and 76% of festival attendees feel more favorable to brands that sponsor a tour or concert. Read more - Billboard

2. Sponsorship revenue at Live Nation is up 11% or $17.5 million over the first nine months of the year. Read more - Live Nation

3. Analysts predict that EDM concert producer, SFX Entertainment, could bring in $150 million by 2015 at a 50% margin from sponsorship deals with beer, spirits, telecom, tobacco, energy/soft drinks, and consumer electronics companies. Read more - Forbes

What are you seeing out there? Agree/disagree? Weigh in below...

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