Jul 05, 2011 at 04:57 PM
written by Alison Jenks, TBA Global

5 Ways To Optimize Your Event With iPads

For years the event industry has used a mix of technology to connect with consumers. But not until the iPad hit the market has the community embraced one single technology tool at once. Consumer events, sponsorship activation, mobile tours—virtually every event type can be optimized with the iPad.

iPads are growing fast in consumer markets and as more and more people make these devices an integral part of their lives, it is imperative that marketers learn how to leverage this point of interaction. Here are the top five considerations for using tablets to engage consumers.

1. Content. When your brand delivers content with high entertainment value, consumers will self select and engage like never before. With tablets, consumers can find your content anytime, anywhere and the easy browsing and hi-def video capacity will make your brand come to life.

2. Social Media. Tablets make it easy to quickly pass your content to friends via their channels of choice. Optimized content and embedded social media dashboard apps on iPads will get you to the front of the pass-along line. Add a social gaming element and your content will be passed along even faster.

3. Data Collection. With brand-owned iPads, your ambassadors provide the hands-on experience with content and in the process seamlessly collect demographic and behavioral data. As more of the attendees show up with their own tablets, they’ll want to ‘opt in’ and download an app that does your data collect for you while they play a game or watch a video, allowing you to track physical locations, browsing behaviors and levels of interest in products and services.

4. Immediate and Always On. Because tablets are one of the fastest growing ways for consumers to access information and entertainment every day, a direct and immediate path to your brand will enable more consumer interactions.

5. Long Term Engagement. If a brand is savvy about creating the right content that creates an authentic connection, events can live forever on an attendee’s own device. Through downloads and an always-fresh app, new and interesting content will help guide the user ever deeper into the brand’s messaging and sales funnel.

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This article was reposted with permission from TBA Global.