May 03, 2010 at 05:09 PM
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A Look Back @'s NASCAR Sponsorship

One of the more interesting NASCAR team sponsorships last Fall was a little known internet start-up's sponsorship of Jay Robinson Racing Team's Mark Green #49 at the November Nationwide event in Phoenix. You may (or may not) remember that we profiled the online reference provider's first foray into offline spending when the deal was announced. At the time, CEO Stephanie Leffler said the sponsorship was an example of how the economic environment was rewarding agile spending, opportunistic start-ups.

"The economy's downturn has created an environment where unique, last minute marketing opportunities become available for a fraction of the price," Leffler said. "Agile companies capable of making quick decisions can capitalize on opportunities and small businesses have a lot to gain."

Check out this video recap from Juggle's sponsorship, which appears to have been as much a team-building exercise, as media play:

Leffler at the time talked about the last minute pricing: "All of a sudden we were being presented reasonably priced promotional opportunities for events typically reserved for companies with deep pockets."

Did the sponsorship move the needle on traffic? Not for the month of November, according to Given the external variables, it's a tough extrapolation, but here's compete's glimpse of how the start-up's been doing ever since.