Nov 17, 2011 at 04:30 PM
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A Pennsylvania High School Raised $10K By Selling Naming Rights To Its Parking Lot

While New jersey will soon allow ads on school buses, one Pennsylvania school has one-upped them by selling naming rights to the whole parking lot. Pennsylvania does not allow school bus ads, but David Davare, an official with the Pennsylvania School Boards Association, says more districts are looking at naming rights and sponsorships as a way to generate revenue.

Here's what the local newspaper, Lancaster Online, had to say about the deal...

"The agreement involves nine poles in the main high school parking lot, three poles in an area between the football and baseball fields, two poles at the stadium entrance and five poles on an access road leading to and from Pioneer Road. Also, a "Lapp Electric Powers The Pioneers" windscreen will be placed on fencing adjacent to the football stadium parking lot.

The contract also includes an agreement that the district would announce the business' name during high school varsity sporting event over a public address system, the option to have on-site marketing booths and/or promotions and giveaway at L-S sanctioned events."

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