Aug 26, 2013 at 12:40 PM
written by Gail Bower

A Simple Test For Your Sponsorship Ideas

If you know me, even through my writing or attending a workshop or collaborating on a project, you know that I encourage (sometimes even provoke) people to think big. Corporate sponsorship is one of those marketing vehicles where thinking big is easy and the best way to go.

The problem is most people don't.

Here's a simple tool to help you test your ideas for bigness.

 photo 6a00e55005624488330192abf4ca2c970d-800wi_zps5e166b0e.png

Considering this simple Venn diagram, ask yourself how your ideas work to advance the goals or needs of each stakeholder on this diagram. What's the storyline for each stakeholder? Are your ideas exciting from this stakeholder's vantage?

If your idea isn't over-the-top awesome for each one, head back to the drawing board.

PhotobucketGail Bower is President of Bower & Co. Consulting LLC, a firm that assists nonprofit organizations and event/festival producers with raising their visibility, revenue, and impact. Gail Bower is a professional consultant, writer, and speaker, with nearly 25 years of experience managing some of the country’s most important events, festivals, and sponsorships and implementing marketing programs for clients. She offers running commentary on sponsorship at and allows us to republish here when the subject fits. Follow Gail on SponsorPitch here.