Oct 09, 2009 at 03:03 PM
written by Brian Gainor

Activation Tactic of the Week

Are you looking for new ways to put your product in the hands of fans in-arena? Are you looking for new ways to impact the fan experience while driving brand impressions?

As brands continue to search for new, effective mediums to place their products in the hands of fans on gameday, they should not look past Parachute Promos. The promotional company produces tangle free parachutes that can be dropped from the catwalks of arenas, sporting events, and malls. Dropping free product strapped to parachutes creates a memorable in-game setting that drives sports fans crazy and provides brands a unique way to connect with consumers during the game.

How does it work? During a select stoppage of play (intermission, media timeout, etc.), teams will leverage the video board and a PA to announce that (insert brand name) Chutes will be dropping out of the rafters (e.g. Chipotle Chutes). Each and every night the promotion is implemented, the result is the same... fans go wild for the chance to grab one of a few dozen falling free products parachuting from the roof.

Check out a brief promotional video that captures how Parachute Promos can drive excitement for your brand in-venue:

Brian Gainor is a passionate sports marketer with agency experience as well as an extensive background working in the NFL, NFL Europe, and collegiate athletics. Brian completed his MBA/MSA graduate work at Ohio University (Athens, OH) and currently resides in Charlotte, NC. As a Sports Partnership Activation Consultant, Brian created Partnership Activation, Inc. to provide sports business professionals with "industry best practices" - creative ideas that provide opportunities to generate incremental revenue. Be sure to check out all of Brian's past posts, too.

photo credit via wikimedia: PiRK