Oct 23, 2009 at 01:50 PM
written by Brian Gainor

Activation Tactic of the Week

Are you looking to provide incremental inventory for corporate partners? Are you looking for new ways to leverage sonic branding at your venue?

Sports organizations looking for new ways to enhance the gameday experience via branding should take note of the piano stairs craze circulating around the world. If you have not seen the clip yet (shown below), Volkswagen decided that it would change consumer behavior (taking the escalator vs. the stairs) just by making a staircase "more fun".

The result? Volkswagen's plan worked. After the company worked with DDB to transform a staircase in Stockholm's Odenplan subway station into a giant piano (that played music as people stepped on the stairs), 66% of persons chose to take the stairs. Check it out below:

Sports representatives should take the creative piano stairs concept and look for ways that it can be applied in their stadium environment. After all, Stockholm execution proved that it is a concept that consumers are receptive to and react positively. Soon enough a vendor will emerge that will help make piano stairs a mainstream phenomenon in the United States.

How can this idea be replicated in the sports space? Sports organizations can create piano stairs that play:

  • Excerpts of team theme songs
  • In-game jingles (7th inning stretch, goal horn, famous announcer sayings, etc.)
  • Corporate partner theme songs (e.g. McDonald's jingle)
  • Team music (e.g. Banshee Music produced intro/outro tunes)
  • Popular music amongst fans (pop hits, etc.) The piano stairs concept has already been implemented at various locales in the United States and at venues across the globe (for those sports organizations looking to benchmark how this idea may work in their venue):

    Science Museum of Minnesota

    Museum of Science in Boston

    Sony Center (Tokyo)

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