Dec 27, 2008 at 04:38 AM
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Aha! Moments Part I

Having a couple weeks under our belt, we thought we'd give you a quick sample of the types of properties that got their invite and created a "pitch" in the past week alone:

- Pro Sports Tour

- Touring Musical

- Professional Gaming Events

- Fashion Week

- World-renowned Museum

- Photography Tour

- Reality TV Show

- Outdoor Movie Events

And we've only sent out the first small batch of beta invites.

Granted, this stuff may not excite you. But it gets us psyched (and yes, we agree.. that in itself is a bit geeky)! The diversity of sponsorship opportunities and the continual emergence of new properties (both new media and otherwise), presents an enormous challenge to marketers. When marketers find the right fit, it's an aha! moment. It's our professional "high" if you will. There's no apple genius bar of sponsorship opportunities that can help us navigate closer to these aha! moments. Rather there's cold calls, powerpoint proposals (lots of powerpoint) and pitch meetings. With that in mind, we think that SponsorPitch can help marketers make sense of it all in a quick, comprehensive and organized new way. And after that, if you get an "aha!" moment we expect you to tell us about it!

All of this reminds me, we've got a lot of work to do. Keep 'em coming.