Aug 10, 2011 at 01:01 PM
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An Easier Way To Share The Stuff You Find Interesting on SponsorPitch

You'll probably notice the new little blue bar at the top of the screen. We've added that to make it easier for you to share the articles, searches, and profiles you find interesting and useful with others. So say you find a property search for New York relevant to some of your colleagues looking for opportunities in New York. You can simply click the green button in the top left corner and choose to email it to a friend or share the search for "New York" on Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook or Google+ rather than shortening the link, opening up a new application, writing out a message, etc. If you want to simply tell your colleagues and friends to join SponsorPitch using this new feature, you can of course do that as well.


Every time you share SponsorPitch using the green button, you'll get SPoints depending on how many people come to the site from your link so be sure to share the stuff you find particularly interesting or useful to others. The SPoints you gain can be used to acquire new badges and monthly prizes like a $100 StubHub gift card (to this month's leader). In addition, each time a new member signs up from your referral you'll get additional SPoints.


The drop down above can be used any time you see the green button in the top left corner. If you're a member and send an article to a friend that's not yet a SponsorPitch member, the article will be viewable to them (they won't need to sign-up as others would to view the article you refer).

Finally, the bar will provide you with a notification whenever you are on the site and receive a new follower, message or recommendation. This way you don't always have to go back to your dashboard to check for new notifications when you're on SponsorPitch.

We hope this will make it easier for you to share all the good stuff you find on SponsorPitch with your friends, colleagues and peers.