Jan 21, 2009 at 05:16 PM
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Audi's Inauguration Tie-In

In case somehow (we don't know how, but..) you missed it, Audi blanketed yesterday's inauguration coverage as the "Exclusive TV Sponsor of the Inauguration." Here's the press release Audi issued to announce the affiliation:

Audi Lines Up Unprecedented Sponsorship of Inauguration Coverage

Today, there was some debate over whether Audi was right in "aligning with a political figure." Sorry, but this was not an endorsement of a political party or figure. Billions were watching the live event on TV and tens of millions more, online. Audi, for their part, recognized that this was a national event that afforded the unique ability to kick-off their new campaign and uniquely express their core product attributes: progress, innovation and technology.

Further, this was a straight-deal (as far as we know), between the networks and Audi (or more likely, their agency). Brands have been buying media and sponsoring events at the respective political conventions for many years.

Aligning with any political event is a risky move for sure, but a political endorsement of a specific party or figure it is not.