Jun 08, 2009 at 06:09 PM
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Best & Worst Promo Products.... Tell Us!

Ever feel like you're loaded down with crap when you leave an event? No, literally.

Schwag according to Urban Dictionary is "trinkets that are often used as giveaways (ex. Come down to Taco Hell in Urbania for some free WKRP schwag)." There's quality promotional products and then there's schwag. Together, they account for the $19.4 Billion a year spent by marketers on promotional products, according the Promotional Products Association International.

If you've been in the sponsorship industry long enough, you've probably had a lot of "comp'd" schwag land on your desk. Trust me, you develop a keen eye for promo products when you truck a u-haul full of client frisbees and other tchotchkes to a beach volleyball tournament, load them into an overnight storage unit and have them melt into an unidentifiable assemblage of logo'd schwagage before the actual event. Last week we got some good responses to our question about the craziest sponsorship category, today we ask you - precious event peeps - what is the best and worst promotional products you have ever seen? Got a horror story? Tell us in comments.

Our vote... best=live strong wristbands, worst=any kind of branded mouse pad

We've got a new partner - and no kidding, they have 700,000+ promotional products available for browsing online. Really... you could spend all day on there. Rather than making this a boring sponsor post, we figured we'd have some fun, but please give 'em a look by clicking below: