Aug 18, 2011 at 01:00 PM
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BillMyParents Partners with P&G for Multi-Million Dollar Marketing Campaign

We understand why a company like may resonate with teens, but how do they get the message out to parents? The teen prepaid debit card company is turning to one of the world's best 'mom marketers,' launching a major word-of-mouth marketing campaign with Tremor, the Procter & Gamble-owned marketing firm. Over the second half of the year, the brand says it will spend millions to reach moms with this message: 'Plastic that actually reduces teen spending!'

Executives of the company say P&G's data will be the key to targeting their marketing campaign.

"We wanted to jumpstart people trying, talking about and sharing the BillMyParents teen spending management solution," said Evan Jones, vice president of marketing for BillMyParents. "Tremor has a phenomenally robust and metrics-proven process that includes decades of research on moms and teens, which has made them one of the world's biggest marketing powerhouses. They have helped us develop a very sharp messaging and dissemination strategy to best resonate with Vocalpoint's sophisticated network of engaged moms."

Tremor's Vocalpoint will put BillMyParents' product in the hands of 600,000 influencers, who will also participate in surveys and focus groups on the product.

Through the campaign, BillMyParents hopes reach tens of millions of consumers.