Mar 24, 2011 at 01:33 PM
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Brand Request

Photobucket Imagine a place where sponsorship sales professionals could learn the challenges brands have, and respond with ideas to address them.

Imagine a place where brand marketers willingly throw out what they want sponsorship to address, then sit back and receive ideas from sponsorship sales professionals, without sacrificing their identity.

Welcome to that place. SponsorPitch found a marketer willing to disclose a unique brand challenge to see how the thousands of professionals SponsorPitch reaches through its various communication channels can address it. We couldn’t say the brand or who the brand marketer was, because that would unleash a swarm of sales calls on the poor person. But we could provide the brand category, its objectives, have anybody with ideas that meet the challenge send them in to SponsorPitch, and then pass the serious ones on to the brand marketer who authored the request. So that’s what we decided to do.

If you can’t address this need yourself, please forward it on to as many people as possible that you think can. Because if this generates good responses we’ll be able to tout the value of tapping into the SponsorPitch community and line up more brands and agencies to put more of their needs out.

OK, here’s the request:

Description of Brand/Company/Category:

Financial Services

Targeted Markets/Locations:


Miami/South Florida

State of Texas


Southern California


Target Demographic Sought:

Hispanic Adults, 35-54

$50K+ household income

Preferably college educated

Families, homeowners


Target and recruit new Spanish speaking producers (AKA product salespeople)


Please list out cost range for potential sponsorship packages. We understand that almost all packages are customizable, but please give us a reasonable ballpark range of what a sponsor of your program might be expected to pay.

When Needed:

April - July, 2011

How To Respond:

Send email with event/property overview to the address below. Please include ideas as to how we would leverage your property to reach desired target. Please include as much demographic information as you can, as well as available assets, categories and associated costs associated with your idea. Note: We are not looking for places to "pass out information"; we are looking for places where we can have professional conversations with potential targets and ideas on how to reach them.

If you believe you have a property that reaches this audience in one or more of the target markets identified, and think you have the chops to put together an activation program using your property’s assets, that can meet the brand’s objective, respond by sending an email to [email protected].

Don’t send us a proposal or any ideas at first. Just tell us you are interested and we’ll send you back more detailed response instructions. Don’t worry it won’t cost you anything to respond. SponsorPitch will forward serious responses to the brand marketer that provided the request brief.

If you are a brand marketer (brand employee or agency), and would like to challenge the thousands of people touched by SponsorPitch to come up with sponsorship ideas for your brand, send us an email at [email protected]. It’s totally FREE! #brandrequeststag