Mar 12, 2012 at 01:57 PM
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Bud Light Retail Sales Up 3.9% in January Thanks To Super Bowl Activation

Bud Light's "Here We Go" campaign seems to be working. Having just completed the first full year of its $1.2 billion/six-year deal, A-B CEO Carlos Brito says the early returns look good. Here's Brito taking an inventory of the beer maker's activation:

"...the focus was on building consumer awareness of the partnership with the support of great in-store displays and increased media investments, as well as leveraging our existing NFL team associations, a great base on which to build in 2012. And, of course, the season culminated with the Super Bowl. Execution against the biggest sports property in the year led to growth in Bud Light sales to retailers in January of 3.9%. Activation included the Bud Light Hotel experience in Indianapolis and leveraging off the popular halftime show to give away 1 million music downloads, further building consumer connections with the brand.

We also used the Super Bowl to build awareness of our new Bud line extension, Bud Light Platinum, which was launched at the end of January."