Apr 11, 2012 at 12:26 PM
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Car Brand Creates Animated Twitter Ad 140 Characters At A Time

How do you keep your company twitter feed from looking like, well, a company twitter feed? The marketing folks at edgy compact auto brand, Smart, took that challenge head on by creating what seems to be one of the first animated ads to fit within a compact 140 characters. You can see how this works for yourself by going to Smart's Twitter page and holding the "J" key down as the distinctive Smart Car starts to move across the page.

Here's a video of what you'll see:

This may not work for a lot of other autos, but with "compact" being the company's key brand attribute using Twitter to differentiate from competitors makes a lot of sense. BBDO Argentina came up with the creative and one has to wonder how many billable hours they racked up in the process of creating the 140-character frames. Nevertheless, a great idea. Too bad a clever property didn't think of it first!

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