Nov 07, 2011 at 04:55 PM
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Check Out The Music Player That Makes You Run Faster

Among all the marathon mainstays, one sponsor that caught our eye this weekend was a newcomer: Moto's new smart watch designed for endurance exercisers called MOTOACTV. The MOTOACTV, which was only launched in mid October, is being billed as a smart music player that learns what songs motivate each runner by tracking performance against music, via built-in heart-rate monitor. By determining which songs help each runner perform better (faster pace, more laps, calories burned, etc.) and compiling them into a handy playlist, the MOTOACTV adjusts the playlist to what it thinks will inspire its owner. In the weeks leading up to the Marathon, Motorola cut a deal with the New York Road Runners to make MOTOACTV the new official entertainment partner of the ING New York City Marathon. Aside from teaming up with Actor and Extra host, Mario Lopez, who ran the marathon for MOTOACTV, the brand debuted the new product at the New York City Marathon race expo. Look for Motorola to give Nike+ a run for their money in the fitness tracking smart watch category.