Aug 09, 2011 at 08:33 PM
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Chevy Stars in EA's New Madden Demo

Electronic Arts today announced a collaboration with Chevrolet to feature the 2011 Chevy Cruze in the demo of Madden NFL 12, inviting gamers to experience a playable preview of the game. The Madden NFL 12 demo launched today on Microsoft's Xbox LIVE and Sony's PlayStation Network. The Chevy Cruze brand integration is powered by EA Signal.

EA Signal builds upon the traditional game demo, adding to the experience with better production values, branded video sponsorship opportunities and integrated social network extensions. With EA Signal, marketers can either provide or choose to sponsor a variety of game related content including but not limited to celebrity and developer interviews, behind the scenes footage, tutorials, and even interactive features. Marketers can also utilize EA Signal content to drive social media initiatives and contests, expanding their reach further.

"By partnering with EA on Signal, Chevrolet is dramatically enhancing the demo experience for millions of our passionate Madden NFL players," said Dave Madden, Senior Vice President of Global Media Sales at Electronic Arts. "For the first time, brands like Chevy can build rich, engaging media experiences that capture the attention of gamers as their interest level is peaking in anticipation of hot new game releases. It's a total win for the brand and the consumer at the same time."

Through EA Signal, The Chevy Cruze integration features a multi-layered and highly dynamic experience that is designed to capture the attention of Madden NFL fans. Gamers enter the first layer when they log on to either Xbox LIVE or the PlayStation Network to download the Madden NFL 12 demo. There gamers are presented with the EA Signal interface where they are given the option to jump straight into the Madden NFL 12 demo, or view a variety of Chevy Cruze sponsored videos. The next layer consists of the videos featuring champion Madden NFL player Van Bernardino (aka:"Prodigy") driving his Chevy Cruze on a road trip down California's famed Pacific Coast Highway to meet former New Orleans Saints halfback and Super Bowl XLIV champion Reggie Bush to discuss the finer points of both real and video game football. In the final layer of the integration, players are instructed within the available tutorial videos on how to run an "audible" play in the demo. If the player uses an audible successfully to score a touchdown they will receive a special code and instructions to visit the Madden NFL 12 Facebook fan page where they will enter the code to participate in a sweepstakes to possibly win a new 2011 Chevy Cruze.