Sep 11, 2009 at 01:29 PM
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Coors Light Taps Winter Sports Theme

Winter sports like skiing and snowboarding should get a predictable boost this year from the Vancouver games. With amateur enthusiasts taking to the slopes, are their ways to tap into the sporting spirit without writing a big sponsorship check?

One time honored marketing tradition is to take out the official marks and simply tie into the official lingo as in this example highlighted by Brian Gainor.

MillerCoors recently unveiled a very creative billboard messaging campaign outside of the Banff National Park in Alberta that should capture the minds and attention of passerby consumers. The Coors Light billboard speaks directly to skiers and outdoor enthusiasts by incorporating safety warning signs that consumers are used to seeing on hiking trails and the slopes.

Consider new ways that your organization can create effective messaging campaigns using traditional lingo!

Of course, playful billboards can also go awry such as in this other recent example from Coors Light north of the border.

Photo credit: Michael Kwan Freelance's Flickr Photostream