Dec 09, 2009 at 02:37 PM
written by Gail Bower

Corporations Aren't Evil

A recurring attitude I sometimes hear among nonprofit leaders is contempt towards the corporate sector. Actually it's contempt mixed with self-righteousness.

Some individuals are of the belief that corporations are the ruin of society – greedy, destroying the environment, exploitative of workers, profit-mongering, etc. Yet, many of these same individuals are curious about corporate sponsorship and wonder if they can accept corporate dollars with some sort of broad disclaimer about the corporation's actions and behavior.

Surely there are some corporate leaders – just like some nonprofit leaders – whose ethics are dubious. But it's probably better to assume that corporate leaders are motivated, inspired, stirred, and moved by many of the same human drives that nonprofit leaders are.

If you need a little convincing, take a look at this article in today's New York Times, "Will Big Business Save the Earth?"

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photo credit via wikimedia: chris