Jul 20, 2009 at 04:24 AM
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Creepy or Clever New Shirt Sponsorship?

Just when we thought we'd successfully copied the european shirt sponsorship model in the U.S., Burger King and spanish soccer team Getafe have unveiled a whole new twist on the time-honored tradition. Yesterday spanish football team Getafe announced a one year, $1.8 million shirt sponsorship with BK. This, of course, isn't the first time "the King" has made an in-game appearance.

Here's a look at the team's new garb.

So what's so different about this deal? In soccer a common way of celebrating a goal is to pull one's shirt over his head. When Getafe players hit paydirt, this is what fans, cameras and the competition will get a glimpse of:

A very clever, if creepy, marketing idea. However, BK may not be the only one paying a price for this sponsorship. The celebration, pioneered by Juventus striker Fabrizio Ravanelli, is actually a violation of the rules, punishable by penalty. This may not help Getafe's chances on the field, but a penalty here and there can't hurt BK's quest to make this thing viral. "This is a club with commitment and passion. Burger King's values of fun, fidelity and authenticity identify with the spirit of Getafe and their unconditional passion," said ElĂ­as Diaz of Burger King (Spain).

Let's just hope it doesn't cause euro soccer fans to emulate the crazy american college kid from this epic video: