Sep 16, 2011 at 07:27 PM
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Degree Men To Launch Branded Obstacle At Toughest Event on Earth

Degree Men will be the official anti-perspirant and deodorant for the Tough Mudder, a fast growing series of obstacle course competitions that bills itself as “probably the toughest one day event on the planet.” Founded less than two years ago, Mudder is aiming to reach over 30 events throughout the globe in 2012. The Degree Men deal, which will integrate branded obstacles into the event, is one of the endurance competition's first non-endemic sponsors, along with Dos Equis beer.

Degree Men will provide product samples at Tough Mudder starting lines and arm participants with the odor and wetness protection necessary to stay fresh throughout the seven to twelve mile obstacle courses.

“When it comes to adventure, guys want the latest and greatest products used by the pros to reassure them that they can take on any challenge with confidence,” said Aaron Calloway Degree Men. “Having the opportunity to support an event like Tough Mudder is a great way for us to allow guys to push beyond their limits with confidence by giving them the protection needed to attack every adrenaline-fueled obstacle.”

In addition to product sampling, Degree Men will incorporate the Everest stick into a branded obstacle at each event. Outlast Everest – the ultimate adrenaline obstacle – will be an inclined, snow-themed challenge that will push participants to their mental and physical limits. The new Degree Men Everest product line offers wetness protection and responds to increases in adrenaline by releasing extra bursts of fragrance when you sweat.

Later this Fall, Degree Men will also introduce a Tough Mudder themed consumer promotion incorporating Discovery Channel's Bear Grylls. Housed on the new Degree Men lifestyle portal,, the promotion will give Tough Mudder participants a chance to get an inside look at Tough Mudder from Degree Men.

“Tough Mudder is thrilled to partner with Degree Men. We feel this will be the perfect partnership moving forward to ensure that our participants stay fresh while enduring the rugged terrain and extreme measures presented by each course,” said Will Dean Founder of Tough Mudder.

Founded in 2009, Tough Mudder says it is the nation’s fastest-growing and most-recognized endurance series. Tough Mudder events are constructed by British Special Forces. To date, Tough Mudder has raised over $1.7 million in support of its official charity partner, the Wounded Warrior Project.