Sep 21, 2009 at 12:38 PM
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Dream Green; Soap Box Shifts Strategy

In a last ditch attempt to recoup lost sponsorship dollars, more and more properties are making over their value proposition to read more like cause marketing than traditional sponsorship.

According to a USA Today article, the All-American Soap Box Derby is the latest.

According to the article; the Derby which in the past has been title sponsored by the likes of Chevrolet, Goodyear, Home Depot and Levi's; has sent out 400 proposals for the $250K title to no avail.

Like other properties, the Derby is now turning to a green theme.

From USA Today:

The derby is considering adding categories beyond downhill racing for high school and college students. There could even be uphill races for wind- or solar-power vehicles created by older students, he says.

In February, a Performance Research survey revealed that 41% of Americans said companies should increase their spending on cause marketing, compared with 13% who said they should increase spending on sports sponsorships.

Good strategy?