Apr 22, 2011 at 02:51 PM
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Dubai Group Looks To Rename Spanish Soccer Club

As sponsors look to exert more control over team operations, it shouldn't be surprising that a Dubai investment firm is now planning to change the team name of La Liga's Getafe. After shelling out about €90m (£80m) to buy the club, an investment firm headed up by Sheikh Butti Bin Suhail al-Maktoum said it would change the team name to "Team Dubai."

The move has other leagues questioning where the line is to be drawn for corporate influence in team affairs.

The Mirror writes that it would be unlikely to see a similar move happen in the Premier League:

Premier League rules do not proscribe team name changes, although that may be addressed in the future but it is not allowed under FA regulations, which state: “A club competing in the Premier League (and other leagues) shall not be permitted to change its playing name without the prior written permission of the FA Council.”

A Premier League source said: “We just don’t believe it would be culturally acceptable in England. The value of the clubs comes from their heritage. It is highly unlikely that this could happen here.”

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