Jun 10, 2010 at 02:49 PM
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Emirates Announces Plans for On-the-Go World Cup Fans

Emirates Airline today announced plans to keep soccer fans in the loop, even when they're in the air. Courtesy of live broadcasts on a number of screens across airports worldwide, onboard screenings of the most recent matches and text updates of current matches being played; fans can keep up with World Cup action when they're on the go. In addition to this, a majority of First Class and Business Class Lounges will broadcast the matches live so that frequent fliers and premium passengers can watch the games.

Emirates' onboard entertainment service will feature recordings of all the games from the 64-match tournament within a few hours of them taking place, as well as provide live goal-by-goal updates and text commentary.

"While football fans can enjoy live action from the FIFA World Cup in airports across our network, we can ensure that our passengers onboard miss none of the joy and heartache of this great sporting tournament, with screenings of recent matches and live score updates," Maurice Flanagan, Executive Vice Chairman, Emirates Airline & Group, said. "This is another important way that we utilize our FIFA sponsorship to benefit our passengers and sport fans around the world."

Emirates' partnership with FIFA began at the 2006 FIFA World Cup when it became the first airline to be a sponsor. The airline's current deal provides it with Official FIFA Partner status up to and including the 2014 FIFA World Cup.