Sep 13, 2012 at 02:13 PM
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Fashion Retailer Allows Customers To 'Customize the Catwalk'

British fashion retailer, TopShop, has joined forces with Facebook for this weekend's Summer 2013 London Fashion Week show in an effort to make a more immersive and socially engaging experience for the customer. The retailer says that through the partnership it will offer customers the most customized fashion show experience ever.

Viewers will be able to ‘customise the catwalk’ giving users the ability to change the color of selected key looks and accessories and share them the moment they hit the runway or order them instantly with delivery 3 months ahead of normal industry lead times.

“This show is all about the customer and creating what we call ‘social entertainment’ around our product. We want to take the energy and the excitement of our iconic Oxford street store to millions of people all over the world through It’s social, it’s commerce and it’s entertainment all rolled into one.’’ Justin Cooke, Chief Marketing Officer - Topshop

The whole experience is built around allowing viewers to personalize the show and with Facebook's help share those moments with their friends. Everything from the music to the clothes to the beauty can be purchased and shared across every platform, channel and device.

Topshop partnered with facebook’s in house engineers to develop ‘shoot the show’ a camera button placed on the corner of the livestream and on demand version will allow users to click and capture their favorite looks from the show as if they were sitting in the front row.

"Fashion enthusiasts are sharing the things they love on Facebook now more than ever. This is where the conversation happens, its among friends and its where great brands need to engage. Topshop clearly understand this, they are a cool young brand with a deep understanding of their customers, and by developing the innovative 'shoot the show' functionality with Facebook, they are enabling millions of people globally to share their favorite moments instantly with their friends." Joanna Shields, VP & MD - Facebook.

Additionally all the beauty products used on the Topshop Unique girl will be available to buy immediately with delivery in 48 hours while music will be available to download on from itunes both during and after the show.