Jul 02, 2009 at 04:38 PM
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Fight over Sponsorship Looming for UFC?

The Vancouver Sun yesterday confirmed our previous story on a reported new UFC policy that charges companies a minimum of $100k to sponsor fighters.

Another interesting tidbit from the piece, "managers were reportedly warned that if their fighters appeared in EA Sports' upcoming MMA video game, they would never fight in the UFC again. The UFC and game developer THQ recently released a competing game, UFC: Undisputed for the PS3 and Xbox, which has since gone platinum."

The article goes on to say that a showdown may be looming between the UFC and their fighters regarding the sponsorship side of UFC. However, commenters on our last story still have doubts as to whether the fighters will be able to stand with a unified voice that has the potential to create a new balance of power between UFC and their athletes.

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