Jan 20, 2010 at 02:42 PM
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Football League Launches New Ad Net

FL Interactive, the digital arm of The Football League, recently launched a new online advertising network intended to deliver brands access to Football League properties and hopes to extend the platform globally to a variety of sports clubs beyond football.

FLInteractive.com manages and develops the internet and mobile rights of The Football League plus 80 participating clubs - including eight from the Premier League, 64 from The Football League and eight non-league clubs.

FL Interactive claims to be the largest sports network in the world with an average of more than 5.7 million monthly users.

“The raison d’etre of FLi is to turn cost centres into profit centres for professional sports clubs," Ian Ritchie, Chairman of FL Interactive has said.

The website offers potential sponsors the chance to access and find information on a variety of sponsorship and commercial activities that are available throughout the network.

Sports clubs from beyond the world of football are also being encouraged to join the online network.

Ritchie said: "The new FL Interactive website is a fantastic opportunity for large brands, advertising agencies and sports clubs across the world to tap into the wealth of opportunities, services and experience contained within FL Interactive."

Some of the brands that FL Interactive has worked with include Bet 365, Electronic Arts, Sky Sports, Texaco and Coca-Cola.

Currently, FL Interactive commercial opportunities include digital sponsorship, content syndication, third party data sales, micro-sites, advertising and integrated opportunities with The Football League.