Oct 30, 2009 at 03:51 PM
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G3 National College Tour Kicks Off with Best Buy & EA

Best Buy G3: Games, Gear & Gadgets, is launching its 2009 fall college tour at Boston College today. Over the next three weeks, the National Tour, which is presented by Best Buy and EA, is expected to reach thousands of videogame enthusiasts at 10 major colleges and universities.

EA isn't the only publisher on board. Capcom, Ubisoft and Activision will also be showcasing titles within the Best Buy Gamers Lounge. Dell is also showcasing a unique Dell PC Experience while hosting gameplay of the new CrimeCraft game from THQ.

While competitive publishers are sponsoring the event, the exclusive gaming platform appears to belong to Nintendo Wii, though it is not specifically mentioned as a sponsor. Microsoft and Sony are absent from any mention. EA and Nintendo have partnered on "EA's Pushing Play Wii Game Giveaway" through the holidays.

With more brands looking for creative ways to get on campus and with the backing of a major big box retailer, it's surprising that there aren't more brands, non-endemic to gaming, involved with G3. Also, with the proliferation of mobile content and games, no mobile partners?

For more on events near you, check out the tour website.