Jul 11, 2011 at 04:12 PM
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Gillette Streams Giant Jeter Congrats Card At Grand Central

After watching Jeter shave on the side of a SoHo skyscraper, the least New York fans could do is send him a thank you card. Commuters passing through Grand Central today will see a giant congratulations card with Derek Jeter's name on it, a promotion designed to help Gillette celebrate Jeter's 3,000th hit this past weekend. Commuters can scribble their notes on iPads being carried by brand ambassadors throughout GC's Vanderbilt Hall. The promotion has some unique social media elements. It's being streamed live and fans throughout the world can add their notes via Twitter and Facebook.

The streaming feed is being showcased on the Gillette facebook page and there's a play-by-play on each of the notes being added to the card.

Gillette has been an MLB sponsor since 1939, and first started using Jeter in its ads in 2008. Jeter's endorsement deals include Gatorade, Ford, Nike and others.

While most New Yorkers might struggle to find room for a 15-foot tall thank you card, Jeter shouldn't have have to worry about that in his new digs.

Watch live streaming video from gillettejetercard at livestream.com