Jan 15, 2009 at 03:07 PM
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Happy Snowy Thursday from NY

We had a great day yesterday with a lot of new sign-ups. It appears this thing may be catching on!

Folks, be sure to attach a location to your profile. How do you do this? Once you've created a new property in your "MySponsorPitch" dashboard, click on "specific locations" then add a city name and any dates that may be applicable to that specific location. Why is this sooo important? Here's a quick example. Yesterday a brand manager at a major beverage company reached out to see how he could use SponsorPitch and the result is that he's having his local field marketing reps sign-up so that they can keep a pulse on event marketing opportunities in each of their local territories (another exciting implication of what SponsorPitch is becoming!). However, if you don't have a location attached to your profile, you won't come up in city and zip searches. Since we already have so many great local opps (both big and small), we want to make sure that you can be found!

Finally, this is your daily reminder to keep giving us feedback. Part of the reason, we're in "closed beta" is because we want you to play a key role in helping us to build sponsorpitch, before we open it up to the public. Please, don't be shy!