May 23, 2011 at 12:48 PM
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Heineken: What Would You Give Up To See Your Team Win?

Heineken is never at a loss for an interesting activation. For this year's UEFA Champions League Final, Heineken decided to conduct a poll to see what men would be prepared to give up in order to see their team win. An international survey, conducted by OnePoll revealed that one in two men (52%) around the world would consider passing up a date with the likes of Brazilian model Adriana Lima if it meant that they got the opportunity to see their team lift the 2011 UEFA Champions League trophy in Wembley this weekend.

1. A friend's stag-party (62%)

2. A date with a girlfriend/wife (58%)

3. Meeting a girlfriend's parents for the first time (55%)

4. An important meeting with the boss (48%)

5. A mother's birthday (46%)

6. Best-man's duties (44%)

7. Wedding anniversary (44%)

8. Girlfriend's birthday (44%)

9. University Graduation Ceremony (43%)

10. An important hospital appointment (43%)

"The research clearly shows that men have a huge appetite and passion for football and when a final is at stake, nothing in their lives is sacred, Hans Erik Tuijt, Heineken's Brand Activation Manager said. "With the upcoming final at Wembley on Saturday, it is strange to think that there will be fans cheering on their team, knowing that they should be somewhere else instead! However, given the significance of the occasion, the opportunity to go to the big game wins out over everything else as men around the world pay tribute to the greatest club football competition in the world."

As it turns out, according to the survey one in five (22%) men in Spain and Brazil would miss their own wedding if it meant they were given the opportunity to see their favorite team win and more than 30% of the men in Thailand responded that they would record the birth of their child if it meant they got see their team win the final live.

This isn't the first time Heineken has done some fun a/b testing around the event. Check out the video below.