May 06, 2011 at 01:54 PM
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HopStop Expands Transportation Options With Help From Partners started out as a way for users to find their way around town by providing mass transportation directions online, but as it expands to new modes of transporation, it's picking up partners along the way.

Back in November, HopStop added car sharing and hourly car rental information into into its widely used navigation app that gives people fast and easy public transportation and walking directions. The move was sponsored by ZipCar competitor, Connect by Hertz.

"Connect by Hertz is about providing mobility solutions," said Robert Stuart, Senior Vice President of Global Sales, Hertz Corporation. "Partnering with HopStop enables us to further enhance our members' experience and offer unique navigational functionality, alongside existing benefits such as our exclusive NeverLost navigational system and 24/7 in-car concierge service, while offering competitive rates to a new audience."

Today, as NY Times Media Deoder writes, HopStop is expanding to providing city bike routes with a helping hand from national fitness club network, Equinox.

Given the "fitness component" the deal was a logical sponsorship, Vickie Segar, senior partnership marketing manager at Equinox told the NY Times. According to Equinox' research, many members were either already using hopstop or bicycling enthusiasts.

When HopStop got ready to launch its first android app a couple months back, it partnered up with B&N, which used the exclusive two-month sponsorship of the application to promote its Nook e-reader.

What's next? According to Media Decoder, HopStop is working on a product that will provide driving directions and is likely to be accompanied by a sponsor.

Chinedu Echeruo founded HopStop in 2005 as a way to find door-to-door subway and bus directions around New York City. The site has grown to provide directions and entertainment guides for over 35 other markets. #NEWSTAG