Jan 07, 2010 at 03:32 PM
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Hot Pockets Hungry for MLG Action

Major League Gaming's partner roster is starting to sound like a frat boy's mini-fridge which given their demo, may not be a bad thing. Nestle Hot Pockets will join Dr. Pepper, Doritos and Ballpark Franks, among others, as official sponsors of Major League Gaming.

Nestle Hot Pockets and MLG today announced the multi-year partnership, which plans to give gamers increased access to the MLG experience and take competitive gaming to an even wider audience.

Though details have yet to be announced, the partnership will include multi-dimensional content, personality, and consumer promotion programs that will roll out throughout 2010.

Back in August, MLG signed a multi-year deal with Frito Lay North America’s Doritos brand to create an NFL-style skills combine for gamers.

"Freedom is at the heart of our product and is likewise the centerpiece of the Major League Gaming phenomenon. The no prep, no utensils, no mess benefits of the Hot Pockets sandwich make it the perfect gaming food and is the reason many of our consumers are gamers," said Mike Niethammer, marketing manager for Hot Pockets.

"The focus of our partnership will be to expand opportunities for both gaming fans and pros to participate in Major League Gaming activities in challenging and exciting ways. We're looking forward to rolling these programs out over the next several months." Hot Pockets Brand Major League Gaming sponsorship spans multiple distribution and activation touchpoints, including live competitions, pro players and teams, original content, online tournaments, and product integration.

"Our 3.5 million registered gamers are extraordinarily discerning about the products they embrace," said Matthew Bromberg, president and CEO of Major League Gaming.

"Great partners like Hot Pockets that support the continued expansion of our league can count on unbelievable passion and advocacy from our community."

Nestle Hot Pockets joins other MLG sponsors including Doritos, Dr. Pepper, Old Spice, Stride, Tinactin, Bic and Ballpark Franks. MLG has raised $46 million in funding since its initial investment in 2006, according to TechCrunch.

MLG says there are approximately 40 million consumers in North America who have a passion for playing video games as a competitive social activity.