Jan 26, 2011 at 02:22 PM
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How SponsorPitch Landed An Official Beer

After some intense negotiation, complete with talk of clawbacks, exclusivity and moral clauses, we've finally attained the holy grail of sponsorship - an official beer. It seems the micro-sponsorship trend hasn't lost any steam. While other brands have used social media to sponsor personal achievements, Miller High Life is out with a new campaign that allows anyone (over the age of 21) to get an official beer, complete with a $1 contract.

"Miller High Life won't get caught up in the runaround of who can endorse the highest profile athlete or air the most ridiculous commercial during the biggest game of the year," said Miller High Life Brand Manager Brendan Noonan. "We wouldn't call it the High Life if we didn't help real people live it, so this year we're becoming the 'Official Beer of You' by endorsing the folks who truly represent the High Life every day."Photobucket

Miller's sponsorship site explains further:

"It's a world gone mad when it takes billions of dollars to be the official sponsor of some big-time sports star or celebrity. That's a ridiculous amount of money to pay to people who don't need more ridiculous amounts of money. Miller High Life believes in sponsoring those folks out there who really deserve it-YOU. You're out there every day, doing what you do-unabashedly living the High Life, and we believe you deserve to be rewarded for it."

Once you sign the sponsorship contract, you can designate how you would prefer to receive a $1 signing bonus: by check, donation to IAVA or coupon (where state law permits). Then the property ("you") gets a personalized sponsorship kit with logo treatments, web banners, etc.

Those sponsees that go the extra step to share the fact that they have an official beer sponsorship and add themselves to what the brand is calling the "Wall of Fame" may be featured in an ad, Miller says.

Interested in joining us in Miller High Life's sponsorship portfolio? You, too, can sign up at www.MillerHighLife.com.