Oct 12, 2009 at 03:42 PM
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In Bradenton, Sponsors Could Name School Curriculum

In Bradenton today, a school board will decide the fate of a proposed academic sponsorship program, Natalie Neysa Alund of the Bradenton Herald writes.

If the plan is approved, the school board plans to offer one year sponsorship contracts at $25,000/year. In exchange, sponsors will get their name on school and district Web sites, the opportunity to host internship programs and potentially the chance to come and teach students in their profession.

Vernon DeSear, vice president of marketing for Manatee Memorial Hospital, called the potential partnership an appropriate move for both businesses and the educational sector.

“Depending on the costs and whether or not the budget is in better shape than the present, it’s something we could consider,” he said in the article.

Sponsorship of academic offerings has gained steam over the past year. In July, The City College of San Francisco proposed selling naming rights to 800 of its classes and Time Magazine asked "Can Corporate Sponsorships Save Endangered College Classes?"

It’s not just about companies slapping their name on a sign or a building according to Doug Wagner, the district’s director of adult, career and technical education.

“It’s about getting students ready for the careers of the future ... getting students excited about wanting to go into the workplace,” Wagner said.

What's your take on in-school sponsors?