Aug 10, 2011 at 01:51 PM
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Is this MA's First High School Naming Rights Deal?

Seems hard to believe, but the Gloucester Times is reporting that a new proposal to sell naming rights to the local high school's football field, which held its first game in 1933, "would apparently be the first in Massachusetts or perhaps New England that would bear a corporate name." The proceeds from the sponsorship will be used to offset the $3.5 million needed in stadium repairs (that's $56.5 million less than this high school stadium).

To cover about a third of the cost, Gloucester Mayor Carolyn Kirk has asked for bids of at least $500,000 for a 20 year sponsorship that renames the high school stadium's field, which she says will still include the phrase "Newell Stadium." As in "Sharpie" field at Newell Stadium.

After renovations, here's what the new field will look like. Any such offers the city receives will require city approval.

"We wanted to set certain standards when it came to title sponsorship," said Kirk.

The largest high school naming rights we've heard of is Trinity Mother Frances Health System, which is paying Texas-based Tyler ISD $1.92 million as part of a 12-year agreement that began in 2004. If you know of any larger ones, drop a note in comments.