Apr 17, 2009 at 04:31 PM
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Is Your City Selling?

Almost all major cities have CVB's that look to lure big ticket events to their locale. Now some cities are going a step further and actively helping match brands with local events. At NYC & Co, the official marketing and partnership arm of NYC, they do just that. Acting as a one stop shop for marketers looking to tap into the city, more and more cities may be looking to assist brands in navigating, finding and even brokering the various sponsorship opportunities within their city confines - in many cases including proprietary events created and sold by the city (think fairs, festivals and such).

NYC & Co describes itself as "New York City’s official marketing and partnership organization, strategically packaging the City’s assets to create integrated marketing opportunities for brands to reach their customers" in NYC.

NYC & Co's is "collaborating with a number of City agencies to create vibrant and impactful experiential marketing platforms around three of New York City’s largest and most exciting outdoor events and programs, reaching hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers at play on the streets, beaches and waterfront parks. All three of these programs are major initiatives of New York City, and all are broadly supported and promoted throughout the City’s Communications and promotional assets." NYC & Company's proprietary events include Summer Streets and Harbor Day.

City "partnership arms" not only have a wealth of "one stop shopping" knowledge, but they can also offer access to venues, permits, cultural attractions and other assets that require city approval.

We've heard of a handful of other cities that are devoting resources to similar efforts. If you're in one of those cities, it may be worth checking out!