Oct 31, 2011 at 07:27 PM
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Launch PAD Aims To Connect Documentaries with Brand Partners

Morgan Spurlock of Greatest Movie Ever Sold-fame; ad agency, Grey New York and the DOC NYC Film Festival today announced plans to launch a new initiative called Launch PAD, which aims to match nationally known brands with new documentary films sourced by the DOC NYC Film Festival. Launched by Thom Powers, the Artistic Director for DOC NYC, and filmmaker Morgan Spurlock in partnership with Grey New York, Launch PAD aims to provide filmmakers with access to prospective brand partners whose expertise and financial support (towards Prints, Advertising and Distribution) will help them build their audiences.

According to the New York Times, Alliance plans to approach potential brand partners with a roster of films selected by Mr. Spurlock, Mr. Powers and its own executive team, asking each for $50,000 or more to become identified with the marketing of a film.

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