Mar 19, 2012 at 12:29 PM
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Madrid Renames Metro Station 'Sol Galaxy Note' After Samsung Sponsorship

Madrid and Samsung have agreed to a new deal, which includes the renaming one of the the city's most popular subway stations to be called "Sol Galaxy Note". The deal, which runs for one month, could be a starting point for similar deals between corporate sponsors and Madrid's transportation assets.

Aside from renaming the station, Samsung will reportedly receive branding in various spaces throughout the stop including the stairs, lifts, access doors, corridors and trains. The deal created a stir allowing Sol Galaxy Note to even trend on Twitter for a short period of time following the announcement.

While this is the first time that Madrid has allowed such a sponsorship, Coca-Cola and Pepsi are said to be interested in similar deals, which officials said may be a viable way to balance the city's transportation budget.

The price of the Samsung deal was not announced, but officials said it would be made public after the pilot run was completed. The move by Samsung may be a preemptive strike against competitor, Apple, which is in the process of renovating and constructing a store in Madrid's famous "Tio Pepe" building, with floor space at the Puerta del Sol.

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