Jun 17, 2011 at 03:32 PM
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Making 360° Video More Accessible

You've probably seen the skycam at some major sporting events you've attended. Until now live 360° interactive video has traditionally been the domain of TV networks and film studios with hefty production budgets. A new company founded by Marc Groothelm and Rafaël Redczus from the Netherlands, seeks to open up a seemingly similar technology to a wider array of uses including advertising agencies and presumably events. If you're a property, or a sponsor looking to activate in a unique way, it's an interesting technology to keep an eye on.

Here's how it got started, from their website: In 2001 Redczus learnt about the technology for capturing not just a still image, but also a moveable 360° image in a spherical shape. The systems were still expensive and unsuitable for use on the computers of that time. Moreover, Internet connections were too slow, as were the computers themselves, and the introduction of Flash 9 was still years away. When the latter did arrive, online video and 360° took a giant step. From then it was just a matter of time before technological advances enabled their extensive application.

Hat tip to Mark Gallo for bringing this to our attention. Learn more about yellowBird here.