Aug 03, 2009 at 12:14 PM
written by Gail Bower

Marketing Collaborations around Sponsorship: Think Big

I've noticed two examples of corporations and the properties they've sponsored partnering in big ways on custom web sites around the sponsorship opportunities. Is this the start of a trend?

What I like about these examples is that the partners are thinking big, integrating their brands, and creating something of high value to customers – something that wouldn't exist separately and that truly honors the partnership.

European trading and investment bank, Saxo Bank, sponsored a team that competes in Tour de France. Saxo Bank – Taking the Lead is the behind-the-scenes look – literally, using video – at the race, the racers, and even at the sponsor's competitive arena, with live reports from the trading room floor. We meet the racers, we meet the traders, and during the two-week race, fans and customers have a compelling reason to check in daily for more coverage.

Here's another example. CareFusion, a healthcare technology and service company, is sponsoring several jazz festivals around the world and united its commitment under the banner of the CareFusion Jazz Festival Series. The web site connects its work in hospitals with the company's support of jazz, linking technology through a virtual stage.

Both of these examples extend the life of the event beyond the racecourse and the festival boundaries and out into the world. They are great models for nonprofit organizations and their partners to emulate. Together share the nonprofit mission – educate about the cause, the art or science exhibit, the successes of the nonprofit fulfilling its mission – along with what the corporation's partnership with the organization says about its brand, values, and leadership.

Gail Bower is the President of Bower & Co. Consulting LLC, a firm that helps non-profit organizations and event/festival producers dramatically increase their visibility, revenue, and impact. She's the author of a new guidebook, entitled How to Jumpstart Your Sponsorship Strategy in Tough Times, and recently launched the blog