Aug 27, 2012 at 01:05 PM
written by, DC Entertainment Pair Up For Super Hero Dating Profiles, the world's largest dating website, has come up with a clever way to help promote this Wednesday's release of DC Comics' Justice League #12, the issue that reveals a heated love affair between Superman and Wonder Woman. The partnership between and DC Entertainment includes both Superman and Wonder Woman having dating profiles on the site and a compatibility analysis, which weighs the characters' chances for a long-term love affair.

"A Super Hero kiss is exciting, but it can be thrilling for people without super powers too,"'s Chief Scientific Advisor and renowned biological anthropologist, Dr. Helen Fisher said. "A great first kiss can be exhilarating due to the way the brain responds through the dopamine system, so Superman and Wonder Woman's first kiss could very well push them over the threshold toward falling in love."

"This is going to be an interesting ride for these two heroes," Geoff Johns, DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer and writer on JUSTICE LEAGUE #12 said. "It raises all kinds of questions? Does this relationship go public? Is it secret? How would Lois Lane or Steve Trevor react? The Justice League? The villains? The world? And...Batman? They're certainly compatible, but the environment they live in is about as stressful as it can get. We'll see what wins out."

To find out more survey results, get an in-depth look at Dr. Fisher's compatibility analysis and check out the blog.

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