Jan 15, 2009 at 06:27 PM
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Meet... the Bahamas Snowboard Team

If there is a Jamaican Bobsled team, why not a Bahamas Snowboard team?

When it comes down to it, SponsorPitch, is about telling stories around sponsorship opportunities. Among many of the unique new stories we've recently come across is Korath Wright, who is set to be the first-ever Winter Olympian from the Bahamas by competing in the halfpipe in 2010!


The twenty-two year old is currently training with the Canadian, Dutch, and United Kingdom Olympic teams in Whistler, BC where he finished third at a World Cup event in 2006, and started the 2006/2007 ranked thirteenth in the world. Current sponsors include Protest Outerwear and Hoven Goggles, but we're thinking more could be in order as his story gains steam ahead of Vancouver 2010. Seems that Chapstick would be able to weave a great story around this?

In case you're interested in following along, Korath will be competing in the World Cup in Gujo, Japan this week.

Sooo.. What's your story?