Jan 21, 2011 at 03:14 PM
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Mercedes-Benz Goes Retro To Activate Fashion Week Berlin

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Looking to put a new activation twist on title sponsorship of this week's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin, the marketing brains behind Benz teamed up with MoMu Fashion Museum, Antwerp, for a pretty eye-catching art instillation called Recollection Quartett. Together with the Belgian artist and photographer Frederik Heyman, four international fashion designers created the exhibition which features four iconic Mercedes-Benz models dating from the 1970s to the early 1990s. The settings take visitors to the exhibition back to the era associated with each car, reflecting the spirit of the time as well as the image of their typical owners.

This exhibition of young classics is intended to show the paradox of how the Mercedes-Benz design has evolved over time, while staying recognizable by maintaining the brand's classic design attributes.

"That is what makes it so alluring, and what we call long-life design,” Professor Gorden Wagener, the current head of Mercedes design, said.


Fashion brings itself up to date all the time by constantly reinterpreting past trends and styles,” explained Kaat Debo, curator of MoMu Fashion Museum in Antwerp.

Check out the videos (may take a minute to load) that each designer created illustrating the thinking process as they created their M-B piece.

The installation ‘The lifestyle convertible and the legendary playboy’ with outfits from Bernhard Willhelm

Recollection Quartett: R107 Bernhard Willhelm from MoMuAntwerp on Vimeo.

The installation ‘The tradesman’s estate car and the traditional lumberjack shirt’ with outfits from Henrik Vibskov

Recollection Quartett: S123 Henrik Vibskov from MoMuAntwerp on Vimeo.

The installation ‘Éminence grise and global power play’ with outfits from Peter Pilotto

Recollection Quartett: C126 Peter Pilotto from MoMuAntwerp on Vimeo.

The installation ‘The company car and liberation from the grey suit’ with outfits from Mikio Sakabe

Recollection Quartett: W115 Mikio Sakabe from MoMuAntwerp on Vimeo.