Aug 18, 2009 at 10:01 PM
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Monster Energy Crowdsources Music Sponsorship

At each stop throughout this summer's Crue Fest 2, Monster Energy has worked with local radio stations to bring some local flavor to the Monster Energy stage. Working with each local radio station, Monster Energy has allowed rock fans to choose a sixth, local act to join the stage with the five premiere bands currently on Tour. When the Tour wraps up its 30th and final stop on September 5th, fans throughout the nation will be encouraged to visit to vote for their favorite local band. America's favorite Crüe Fest local band, as voted on by the fans, will receive a one-year sponsorship with Monster Energy.

We've heard of music fans deciding who gets a label contract and 50,000 soccer fans getting together to manage a soccer team £9.50 at a time. Can you apply the same principles to crowdsource sponsorship? Why not?