Mar 02, 2012 at 02:13 PM
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NASCAR Driver, Kenny Wallace, Puts Followers To Work In Sponsor Search

NASCAR veteran, Kenny Wallace, has found a way to enlist over 87,000 Twitter followers in his sponsorship search. Using the hashtag #sponsorkenny, Wallace set off a blizzard of tweets to companies and marketing people last night on Twitter. Here's what got it all started..

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Wallace is looking for sponsors for the next four races, which come at a price tag of around $100K per. Wallace's loyal fan base took his pleas and ran with them, sending out a barrage of tweets. Many were generic, while others seemed to put some real thought into making their 140 character case to marketers.



Without a doubt, the hit rate on this is going to be super low, but given the passion his fans have and if you believe any lead is a good lead, then it might just work in at least generating some buzz and a few conversations.

Got a lead for Kenny? Call Brenda at 704-784-4648 or better yet, point her to SponsorPitch's Sponsor Index.