Oct 08, 2009 at 04:38 PM
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Need a Sponsor? Go To Class!

Over the past few years energy drink companies have perfected the art of campus rep programs, a practice that Red Bull took to the next level with Red Bull University.

It's much more than just handing out product though, think of it has a distributed network of 300+ campus sponsorship consultants.

Red Bull says:

The goal of a Student Brand Manager is to create experiences with the Red Bull brand on your campus. It can be as simple as providing Red Bull for a party, or... it can go a whole lot further.

Under Red Bull's program students get paid for their work, but more importantly perhaps they get real world-style brand manager experience, along with a coveted Red Bull fridge packed with product for the dorm room.


While many still think of student reps as simple distributors/samplers of product, many brands are now giving small budgets to their student managers to spend on events around campus.

Daniel Stewart at the K-State Collegian says "Little do most students know, they can have events like a dormitory barbecue, registered fraternity party or even a tailgate sponsored by local drink companies."

K-State student Jon Nee, senior in marketing and a student rep for PepsiCo-owned AllSport, says "besides sponsoring events at Peters Recreation Complex, he frequently sponsors events throughout Manhattan."

Are student BM's a perhaps under tapped pipeline for the next generation of rising sponsorship talent? Or perhaps a sponsorship consultancy would like to step-up and partner with a drink company to provide a few free sponsorship webinars to campus reps throughout the country? In fact, we'd be interested in helping out with that.

Who's interested? We're serious. Contact us at [email protected] today if your agency manages a campus rep program.