Jul 02, 2012 at 03:33 PM
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New Branded Apps Add Context To The Foursquare Check-In

Everyone loves a good deal when they check-in, but now a whole new class of branded apps are aiming to go beyond simple discounts and use their own content to add valuable context to the Foursquare experience. Last week, the company made it easier for brands to integrate third party apps into the full Foursquare check-in experience. From magazines to airlines, the network's new Connected Apps program allows more brands to add value to the check-in experience. Depending on the brand, that value may be anything from restaurant recommendations to weather forecasts. These types of brand partnerships fit nicely with Foursquare's strategic move from game to utility.

Here's a preview of just a few in the latest wave of branded apps that are looking to create richer experiences for the platform's 20 million or so users. Now, just think of all the possibilities for properties and sponsors. Hmm.

Eat This, Not That – From Men’s Health Mag, Eat This, Not That tells you what dishes to order and what to avoid at restaurants when you check in

Blue Legends - Notifies you when you earn extra rewards for checking into Lufthansa venues

The Weather Channel – Get the weather forecast with your first check-in of the day and when you check in to a new city