Aug 06, 2020 at 12:00 AM
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New on SP: Lead Alerts, Packages, Training

A quick update on some of the newest features we've been working on at SponsorPitch. Our socially distanced team has been working hard to roll out some new requested features this summer and here are just a few of the highlights we're adding to the platform.

First, we're launching custom lead alerts on sponsor pages so you can more quickly identify whether a sponsor is right for your opportunity, or not.

If you're affiliated with a property, you'll see relevant lead alerts on sponsor pages for your property letting you know that the sponsor could be an especially good fit for your opportunity. These include when the sponsor has your city as a key market, when it has sponsored similar properties and if demographics overlap with yours. As you go through the platform, you'll start to see these so be sure to affiliate with your property or create a new property page!

If you haven't yet seen, SponsorPitch is now transactional! If you've got a unique opportunity you can not only post your sales deck, video, demographics, markets, etc but you can also post your sponsorship packages. Though custom packages can be requested through proposals pages, this is a great way for partners to develop a baseline understanding of the benefits, activation opportunities and pricing for specific opportunities. These packages can be purchased online or off. 


And don't forget to check out SponsorPitch's new training section, a feed of curated sponsorship expert videos on mission critical and timely topics for sponsorship professionals. Some recent topics covered include shifting assets in a season cancellation, how to sell during a crisis and what will sponsorship look like post-covid?